Tsui-Wei (Lily) Weng

I am an assistant professor in Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute with affiliation to Computer Science and Engineering Department at UC San Diego.

I direct the Trustworthy Machine Learning Lab at UCSD. My research vision is to make the next generation AI systems and deep learning algorithms more robust, reliable, explainable, trustworthy and safer.

Google Scholar / Research / Teaching / Email: lweng@ucsd.edu

I’m open to collaborations with highly motivated students with strong machine learning and mathematical backgrounds!


I received my PhD (2020) in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT advised by Prof. Luca Daniel on the topic of Robust Machine Learning with focus on Neural Networks, and M.S. (2013) and B.S. (2011) degrees in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University advised by Prof. Tzong-Lin Wu and Prof. Peter Shiue on the topic of microwave circuits and combinatorics. Prior to UCSD, I spent 1 year in MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and several research internship in Google DeepMind, IBM Research and Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab.




Selected recent works

Publications (by topics)

Interpretable Deep Learning

Enhancing robustness of deep neural networks & AI safety

Neural network robustness, Deep learning theory, and Foundation models

Neural network robustness verification and certification (with provable guarantees)

Neural network robustness evaluation and estimation

Robust Regression and Robust PCA

Uncertainty Quantification in silicon photonics

Microwave circuits and Signal Integrity