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Table of contents

  1. Course Format
  2. Course Time/Location
  3. Course Websites
  4. Office Hour
  5. Email Etiquette
  6. Textbook
  7. Assignments, Projects, and Grading
    1. Summary of Grading Criteria
    2. Late Policy
    3. Grading Scale
  8. Campus Policies
  9. Resources for Support and Learning
  10. Course Schedule

Course Format

Students can attend the lecture in the classroom or via zoom broadcasting. The lectures will be recorded and uploaded to canvas.

Course Time/Location

Course Websites

Office Hour

  • Prof. Office Hour: TBD
  • TA Office Hour: TBD

Email Etiquette

  • Please include “DSC210” in the title to make sure we receive your email.
  • For emails received between Mon-Fri, 10-4 pm, we will try to answer within the same day; else, we will try to answer on the next workday.


There is no one official textbook for this course. The primary contents are from multiple sources, e.g.: [1] Trefethen, Lloyd N., and David Bau III. Numerical linear algebra. Vol. 50. Siam, 1997.
[2] Boyd, Stephen, and Lieven Vandenberghe. Introduction to applied linear algebra: vectors, matrices, and least squares. Cambridge university press, 2018.

Assignments, Projects, and Grading

Students are expected to complete 4 homework assignments and 1 course project. HWs allows a group of 1-2 students/group, Course project allows 3-4 students/group.

  • HWs are expected to be typed in latex (except the coding part).
  • The course project will be formatted in latex, and templates will be provided.
  • For tutorials on Python, PyTorch, and latex, please refer to this list.

Summary of Grading Criteria

AssignmentPointsWeightDue Date
HW 110015%9 days after release
HW 210015%9 days after release
HW 310015%12 days after release
HW 410015%14 days after lecture
Course Project10040%final demo/reports due Dec 14, 2 pm

Late Policy

We understand there might be some circumstances where you may need more time to complete assignments and the late policy is exactly designed for this scenario for you to plan accordingly. Please do not email us for extensions, as we will grade according to your submission time.

  • The penalty for HW1-4 is 10% per day.
  • For the Course project final demo/reports, no late submissions will be accepted as the final grades need to be submitted to the Registrar in time.

Grading Scale

  • A+ = 98-100%
  • A = 93-97%
  • A- = 90-92%
  • B+ = 86-89%
  • B = 83-85%
  • B- = 80-82%
  • C = 70-79%
  • D = 60-69%
  • F = below 59%

Campus Policies

Resources for Support and Learning

There are a variety of resources available to students at UC San Diego, which are designed to address needs and enhance the student experience. We encourage you to check them out.

Learning and Academic Support 
Ask a Librarian: Library Support
Chat or make an appointment with a librarian to focus on your research needs

Course Reserves, Connecting from Off-Campus and Research Support
Find supplemental course materials

First Gen Student Success Coaching Program
Peer mentor program that provides students with information, resources, and support in meeting their goals

Office of Academic Support & Instructional Services (OASIS)
Intellectual and personal development support
Writing Hub Services in the Teaching + Learning Commons
One-on-one online writing tutoring and workshops on key writing topics

Supplemental Instruction
Peer-assisted study sessions through the Academic Achievement Hub to improve success in historically challenging courses

Tutoring – Content
Drop-in and online tutoring through the Academic Achievement Hub

Tutoring – Learning Strategies
Address learning challenges with a metacognitive approach
Support for Well-being and Inclusion 
Basic Needs at UCSD
Any student who has difficulty accessing sufficient food to eat every day, or who lacks a safe and stable place to live is encouraged to contact: | | (858) 246-2632

Counseling and Psychological Services
Confidential counseling and consultations for psychiatric service and mental health programming

Triton Concern Line
Report students of concern: (858) 246-1111

Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD)
Supports students with disabilities and accessibility across campus
Community and Resource Centers Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
As part of the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, the campus community centers provide programs and resources for students and contribute toward the evolution of a socially just campus
(858) 822-3542 |

Get Involved
Student organizations, clubs, service opportunities, and many other ways to connect with others on campus

Undocumented Student Services
Programs and services are designed to help students overcome obstacles that arise from their immigration status and support them through personal and academic excellence

Course Schedule

A detailed course schedule can be found in the Course Timeline page with slides and recording links (will be updated throughout the quarter). An overall schedule can be found below:

WeekTitle / TopicDue dates
1Intro & Logistics 
2Linear Algebra BasicsProject instruction out
3Linear Algebra BasicsHW 1 out
4Linear Algebra Basics / Solve Linear SystemProject preference due, HW 1 due
5Solve Linear SystemHW 2 out
6Solve Linear System / Eigenvalue problemsHW 2 due, HW 3 out
7Eigenvalue problems 
8Eigenvalue problems / Selected ML topic 1HW 3 due, HW 4 out
9Selected ML topic 1 
10Final project demoHW 4 due
11Final project demoProject final report, slides, codes due